Minecraft Servers




  1. Do not grief other players’ residences, machines, or other property and builds. “Pranking” is fine as long as it does not cause any kind of significant permanent damage or results in valuable items/blocks being destroyed or stolen, and you do not single out and harass one player unnecessarily. Note that sabotaging automatic systems will be considered grief if it causes them to stop working properly, even if the actual damage is very minor and easy to repair.
  2. Never steal items from players’ chests or other containers. This will ALWAYS result in a ban.
  3. Don’t make constantly resource intensive creations.
  4. You may kill and mug other players unless they ask to be left alone, which must be respected. If you are attacked by another player, you have the right to fight back regardless of what they say. However, if a player is targeting you and you don’t want to fight, you should contact a mod instead of fighting back.
  5. Don’t use client mods that affect gameplay.