Caffeine is now on Technic Launcher

So, we’ve moved to Technic. Why? Well, the biggest advantage is that updates can now be distributed automatically as you launch the game.

Technic Launcher can be downloaded here.

When you run it, click on “Add New Pack” on the left and paste our platform URL:

Before launching, make sure to click the gear icon in the top right corner and tick “Increase PermGen Size”. Here you can also adjust how much memory the game uses.

FTB Ultimate

The Feed the Beast Server map has been reset, and is now running the Ultimate Pack. You can see the differences between the Feed the Beast modpacks here if you want.

Unscheduled Maintenance

We are having a short unscheduled downtime. The servers will return later today.

Edit: The servers are back up and running but our fancy formatted MOTDs are gone. They will be back once someone decides to fix them.

Server-wide Enderdragon Fight

After taking on the Wither, the members of CaffieCraft would like to organize another epic fight. This time, against the Enderdragon! Anybody is welcome to join the battle to help us. It will take place Sunday May 5, 2013 at about 6:00 PM EDT (3:00 PM PDT, 22:00 GMT). Just log on to the Survival Server and somebody will be sure to let you know where to go.

Hello, and Welcome!

Welcome to our little webpage! News will be posted here from now on instead of editing the thread on SMWC.

The Creative and Event servers are still running dev versions of Bukkit 1.5.1. We are waiting for a stable release of some 1.5.x version for the Survival server. Unfortunately, there is talk of a version 1.5.2 coming out at some point… Hopefully the wait won’t be too long. Even if the stable Bukkit version comes out for 1.5 or 1.5.1, we’ll use it so we can at least generate a new world.

Just as a reminder, the Creative map that is currently up isĀ the map. It won’t be reset when the Survival map is.

Oh, and the Creative Server is now on a whitelist for the time being. This may or may not change depending on some things we have yet to discuss as part of the CaffieCraft staff. PM Dotsarecool with whitelist requests on SMWC!