Caffieccino is Live!

We are proud to announce that our newest modded Minecraft server, Caffieccino, is now live! It is the successor to our previous modded server, Caffeine. Here is a list of all the mods that are in the pack. If you haven’t used the Technic Launcher before, you can find more details about that here.

The platform URL is You will need to apply to the whitelist to be able to log onto the server. Just send eXcavator, Mogsiah, or Dotsarecool a private message on SMWC or a query on IRC with your in game name.

You can view more about the CaffieCraft servers, including the server rules, in this thread on SMWC.

Hope to see you there!

1.8 Update

The survival server is now updated to Minecraft 1.8. We have decided to go back to vanilla server software, so we have no more fancy plugins. The biggest of which, Prism, was our anti-griefing measure. To make of for the loss, we have decided to enable the whitelist for CaffieCraft Survival. If you have played on the server before (and haven’t caused trouble), you should already be whitelisted. If you aren’t whitelisted and would like to apply to be on it, you can a) reply to this news post, b) send me a private message on, c) query me on, or d) send me an e-mail at dotsarecool1 – at – gmail – dot – com.

We hope to see you there!

Survival 1.8 Update Plans

The Minecraft 1.8 update is right around the corner. Our servers should update quicker than normal now that Bukkit is under Mojang’s control. Here are some things that you should know for the updating of the Survival Server:

  • The map is not going to be reset. The terrain generation changes in 1.8 only add to the current terrain gen, so we shouldn’t be getting those ugly chunk borders.
  • The natural spawn point will be moved to newly generated terrain. This will encourage people to build new stuff, but allow others to stay put if they don’t want to move.
  • I will be installing a second hub to the Nether Tunnel System. The current system has done a great job of getting people places they need to go, and I intend to keep that going with another hub to go with the new spawnpoint. Below is a map of the plans I have made.


Nothing too major this time around, so the update should go pretty smoothly. We hope to see you on the server soon!