2016 Summer Building Contest!

The 2016 Summer Building Contest has been announced! This summer, your goal is to create a volcano island!

Your Goal: To create a volcano island in any Ocean biome, that isn’t too  far away from spawn. You can use an existing island to create your build, or create you own unique island.

Entries are due August 8th, which is 3 weeks away, so have your builds finished by then.

CaffieCraft 5.0 is now online!

The CaffieCraft server has been updated to 1.10, and is still vanilla (as always) so users don’t have any fancy teleport commands. This site was previously dead, but I decided to revive it, you you will be seeing some new posts on this site. The server is now greylisted. This means you cannot build or modify any part of the server unless an admin approves you to build. The current server plan is to have seasonal resets, as well as seasonal themes (this Summer has an abundance of hot biomes). If this plan doesn’t end up working out, we can always switch back to the regular way of doing things.

CaffieCraft now has a new feature, a server MIDI player, which can be accessed via the /midi command. Anyone can use it, and it plays MIDI files stored on the server (working MIDI’s are posted on a billboard at spawn).